Promise Rings - A symbol of love

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You've probably noticed, whether you've been to a jewelry shop or gone online to purchase you'll find many types of rings. The meaning behind each ring can be confusing. There are promise rings, wedding rings, purity rings, and commitment rings.

What is CoupleSets Promise Ring?

When you hear the word promise ring you think about teens and puppy affection. However, there is more to a promise ring that young lovers. Read on to learn more about the significance behind a promise ring.

What is what is a Promise Ring?

Promise rings are typically exchanged by couples that are in an intimate relationship. The promise ring represents a couple’s commitment and dedication to each other. You might not be ready to get married or even get married, but you are over the dating game and are looking for a new partner.

A promise ring for someone you love could show your love and commitment. The promise ring you accept shows that you are also committed and dedicated to you.

A promise ring may not be like a wedding ring or engagement ring, but it still represents a serious commitment. It may be a precursor to an engagement ring, like the promise that someday in the near future, you and your beloved will be engaged however it doesn't have to be. Promise rings can also be exchanged between married couples as another method of securing their relationship.

You could present your partner with an engagement ring as a gift if you do not consider marriage a possibility, however still want them to feel important to you. Typically, you'd present the promise ring following a relationship for a considerable amount of time - typically for a year or more.

Who would a Promise Ring For?

Women and men alike are able to wear rings of promise. They're intended to represent a couple's dedication to each other, usually prior to an engagement, but not always. Promise rings can symbolize the commitment of a couple married to each other. By buying matching rings, you can display to the world how much you cherish each other.

If you're wondering which finger you should put a promise ring the answer is it's based on.

A promise ring should typically be placed on the ring finger. You can wear your promise ring to the left ring finger, if you're not married. If you are married, you can wear it on the right hand of your finger for the ring. The choice is yours. You may also decide to not wear the promise ring on your finger rather, you can wear it on an ornamental necklace.

The promise ring is a fantastic way to show that you're dedicated to your relationship. These rings can be simple bands, or rings with gems. You get to decide the one that best represents your passion and dedication. When it comes to the perfect ring for your promise, you can find what you're looking for at Larson Jewelers.